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China Peak Mountain Resort is more than just a wedding venue, it's an experience! Whether you are just curious about our venue, or you happen to be attending a wedding with us in the near future, please feel free to learn more about what to expect upon your arrival and during your stay.



The best way to truly experience the mountain is by staying for a night or two during the merrily celebrations.  We have a 48 room Inn and offer group discounts for all wedding guests. Contact the Inn today to make your reservation, or you can book online - CLICK HERE!




From hiking, fishing, water-sports or mountain biking..there are so many mountain inspired activities to keep you and your family busy during the day. During our normal summer operations you can enjoy our Friday Night Live music installment every Friday night, as well as multiple eatery options and the always tasty cocktails at one of our mountain side bars.




We try to offer our guests with all of the comforts of home, but remember you are venturing into the Sierra Nevada Mountains!  It's an opportunity to slow down, unwind, and unplug! Enjoy the bonfire each night on the patio, take a stroll and dip at the peaceful Indian Pools, or even adventure to the back-country mineral springs at Mono Hot Springs. You might not have much cell reception, and WiFi can be less than reliable... but we are sure you will have enough to fill your heart, mind and soul while visiting.




Most ceremonies are located in areas not-so-easy to access by foot or personal vehicle. In this case you will hand over the transportation needs to your trusty China Peak staff! Some of you can expect a shuttle ride to one of our bridges or The Grove, and others can look forward to an 11 minute Chairlift ride up to our Midway Clearing at 8,200ft elevation overlooking Huntington Lake! In either case, the bride and groom, along with the wedding planner at China Peak have put much time and preparation into creating a one-of-a-kind experience for you, so please arrive at the designated time on your invitation. In some cases, if you are running late, there is no option for you to access the ceremony site in time, and you will miss it. So early is always safer than too late!  Also, keep in mind that weather patterns in the High Sierras can change quite a bit from the heat of the afternoon sun to the evening campfire.  Bringing layers is key to making sure you stay comfortable and enjoy our wonderful mountain weather as much as we do.  Because we are located at 7,200ft elevation, please keep mindful to stay hydrated, wear sunscreen when in the sun, and always bring sturdy shoes for any uneven and off-the path areas we might be accessing during the wedding day adventures!



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